It’s been exactly a month since we finished up the filming of Yucca, our first feature film. We’ve been hard at work ever since, and we’re happy to report that all media has been converted, organized, renamed, backed up, and backed up again and again. Our first two acts worth of media is now completely in sync, and the third act is well on it’s way.

We’ve also started our rough cut, the first cut of our film to establish pacing, beats, and the basic story of the edit, as well as deciding what effects should go where. We’re excited to say that we have 4 of our 42 scenes completed, putting us a couple weeks ahead of schedule! 

We’ll be focusing our time on creating the rest of the rough cut first, then transition over to a trailer edit while we find a musician to help create our soundtrack. After we’re done with our trailer, we’ll take our rough cut and begin smoothing it out, adding effects, and getting it ready for picture lock. 

We may not have hit our goal for fundraising, but we’re still plugging away trying to make the best possible movie we can. Any funds donating beyond this point will help us pay for sound editing, and a composer to give us great quality audio and music to go along with our fantastic footage.