We never think we’ll lose those closest to us, at least not suddenly. When it happens, it takes us time to accept that this is the reality we live in, that we’ll never get to see those we’ve lost again. Walter Scott Roseboro III was supposed to direct Yucca, but now he’ll never get the chance. 

I first met Walt in film school. Back then Walt had mostly done music videos, and I had mostly done environmental PSAs and skate videos. We were roommates with our friend Jon the second half of college, and we stayed in touch after school was finished. Together, Walt and I had a plethora of ideas just waiting for the right time to be made into reality. Even when I moved to California, and he moved back home to Philadelphia, Walt and I remained close, so much so that he was the best man at my wedding. 

My best friend was murdered by a lunatic on November 7th, 2018. He was six days away from his flight out to California to go over pre-production with me. Even days before his death we were in contact, making last minute plans for when he came out to the west coast. 

I miss my friend, and wish every day I could have done something else to stop what happened. I wish I could talk to him one more time, but it’s out of the question. All I can really do now is dedicate Yucca to him, the movie he didn’t get to make, and hope that he’s found peace.

See you on the other side, friend.