Telluric MYTH

In the mid 2000s, the skate scene in Pontiac, IL was dominated by a small group of skaters and the Underground Skate Shop. With help from shop owner Celine Risen, skateboarders were able to leave their mark on the town with the construction of a public skate park. 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a short documentary that follows Paul Ritter and his high school students as they continue their crusade for clean water. More info on the prescription pill and drug disposal program can be found at


Endangered Species

In November of 2014, Paul Ritter sat down with kids at Lincoln Elementary to explain the importance of Operation Endangered Species. More information on the program can be found at


This video is for job enquiry purposes only. By watching Okeanos, you are agreeing to at the very least consider Brady Trainor (and/or) Roy Chalkevski for a job in film production.

Okeanos follows Paul Ritter as he straps a GoPro camera to himself and accompanies a crew on the NOAA ship Pisces.